Saturday, 23 August 2014


I entered my first RR10  at the beginning of August as a club member. The R10 series is a number of running events where clubs meet and basically run as individuals, but also gaining points for their club. The event I went to was nice and local and ran the lot except a totally atrocious hill which I can to struggle up twice!!!!! The distance was 4.4 miles and I completed it in 51 mins. I cried at the end I was emotional and seeing the club in a whole group cheering me on as I came through the finishing line was amazing. I really belong to an awesome club.

Anyhow, more photos:

On a completely different note, whilst on holiday I have done 3 runs so far, the furthest being 3 miles so far. Earlier  it was raining very hard but it appears to be clearing up and so I might make it out for another run this week, perhaps in the parkrun spirit, and racing at what would be 9am British time.

It's now less than 10 weeks to great south run. Starting to panic now.......


I have been utterly remiss in not updating this blog as I go. I don't know if anyone is  actually keeping up with it, but if you are, I thank you and you are very much appreciated!!!!

Ok, so since the last blog entry I ran the wyvern 10k in about 1 hour 11 mins. Very pleased with that and he last couple of kilometres were made much more easier with the company of a fellow runner, and then being cheered on by friends and running club members at the end of the race. I felt amazing and even won a couple of spot prizes - a hi-viz vest and a drinks bottle.

Anyhow some photos of me at the event: