Saturday, 31 May 2014

Let me introduce you..... the man who has really made a difference in my life and who I am raising money in memory of for Cancer Research.

This is my Dad, Jeff Watts, who passed away on 29th October 2007 from a short illness with cancer. He and Mum had been living their dream of living in France when he was diagnosed in July 2007, and sadly passed away a few months later. He was my daddy and I thought the world of him. He liked to a have a good joke, but was also the stern daddy when he needed to be. And for all that I thank him.
He served the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary with such commitment. At our local police station, where he worked, he got involved with the social committee as secretary, and helping with the organisation of events. Through all this he was developing lots of computer skills which later on, served him when he changed jobs.  Even when he retired he continued to enjoy playing with gadgets, and had am amazing amount of software and equipment.

He was a good friend to a lot of people would often help others out if they needed it.

When he passed away, he had one grandson (my son), and another grandchild was on the way, who arrived a month after he passed away. This cut us all pretty hard.

And now? I think of him a lot. I miss him everyday. But I see his smile all the time.


My new toy....

The garmin forerunner 10 (as the box does clearly state!!)

Can't wait to try this little baby out.

Tomorrow is the Gosport Golden races. It just needs to stay dry. That's all I care about now.

Thursday, 29 May 2014


First 5k on Sunday in Gosport. I have my running number and timing chip. I'm so not ready for this. Feeling very underprepared, and scared I'll be last and feel I will have completely failed. In the words of Toca, I need a miracle.........

Monday, 26 May 2014

It's raining, it's pouring.....

Yep, I went out for a 5km run this morning wet bank holiday Monday morning. Now don't be under the illusion I can do 5km all running, because I can't - yet - but the distance is definitely getting more comfortable to do. Along with a friend, I started at 8am, got quite damp, and even a lorry was good enough to avoid a puddle so we wouldn't get splashed. And at the end was met by another friend who kindly took a picture of us, but did make us a cuppa at her house (or rather her husband did) which was much welcomed!!!

A couple of days ago I  was definitely doubting myself about being able to run, but today was a good day and felt very encouraged by it.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

New personal best!!!!

Took 47 seconds off my last parkrun personal best!!! Awesome!!

How to spot me in the crowds

8 days......... the first 5km event and I am terrified I will be the last runner through, I will be the only runner/walker and I'm not going to raise much money for cancer research despite pleas for sponsorship. Feeling slightly let down and deflated.

On the up side I might have beaten my personal best at parkrun today. It currently stands at 35 mins 46 secs. Waiting for results as I type.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Beware the sock monster

If you read a few days ago, I had bought some compression socks for running. Having tested them out  a couple of times now this week I'm finding that my calves feel incredibly better and are not aching so much post-run, and in the mornings on waking.

There are a few articles as to whether compression socks are beneficial or not. The price range can vary from as little as a few pounds to nearly £50. It's a gamble as to whether to invest in them or not. I bought cheaper socks (karrimor) and so far am very happy with the change of feeling in my legs. The relief when wearing them is really quite breath taking.

This does then bring up the question of sports wear etiquette. I'll happily wear the socks under long running tights. I own a pair of Capri tights and I reckon I'll look just silly in knee high socks with the Capri tights. But I'm not brave enough to wear shorts.  Looks like I'll have to either bake in summer, or disregard what everyone else thinks - hard to do when you're self conscious about what you look like.

Just need to make sure the sock monster stays firmly locked away. 

So, did the socks improve my running? I felt I was able to keep running for longer as my calves weren't screaming out in agony - must remember to book another leg massage soon as well.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Questioning my sanity

I have just entered for the Marafun being held in Southampton next year - my first half marathon. Still yet to complete a 5k event but optimism never did anyone any harm........

I'm sexy and I know it!!!

I feel like I have face planted the metaphorical brick wall today. No running spirit today. Instead, a trip into town, one coffee and chat, and return home with two pairs of compression socks for running. I have to confess they are not the most sexiest item of clothing that is available to man/woman, but boy I notice the difference within minutes!!! My calves had been aching so much but once I had wrestled the socks on,  they were feeling sooooo much better. So I must now try them out running. In my previous existence as a nurse, I had learnt the easiest way to get them on., so that meant I wasn't wrestling too much with the socks!!!!

My son came running with me last night. Well, he completely put me to shame by jogging the entire mile. But he's wanting to do race for life with me this year so I'll have some company.  Not long until the Gosport Golden races. Kids are doing 1 mile with myself and my husband,  and I'm also doing the 5km. Wonder if my son will join me for that too.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

It's raining, it's pouring........

I must be serious about my running. I went out in the rain today. 

I think I will stand out amongst the pink shirts at Race for Life as I bought myself a running top to wear at events to try and spread the message who I am raising money for.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Great excitement - I'm easily pleased!!

I forgot to share a great achievement tonight - I ran (jogged) a mile run in 10:39 without having to slow to walk. Absolutely chuffed!!!!!!! It can only get better, right???

What am I doing???!!!!!

In April of this year I was inspired to start running seriously by some friends. All previous efforts lasted no more than 3 weeks and I was bored. But something clicked inside me at the end of March and I felt that I really wanted to do running with a target to aim for.  I started with a couch to 5k app which to begin with I was motivated to do then the motivation dropped - again. And then as if by luck I found that someone I knew was a very experienced runner and was happy to take me out running. Since the 8th April I have been running at least twice a week, and recently increased it to 3 times by going to a parkrun- which took a lot of guts but really glad I did it.

Investing in proper running trainers has made running much more comfortable - and because they're expensive I also have to use them. Also a lovely leg massage has helped things too.

In terms of events I had already signed up for the Race for Life with the aim of running it (same mission every year and never achieved it!!). With encouragement from the facebook running group I'm on I signed up for the Wyvern 10km run. Just hoping it's not going to be the 29 degree temperature it was last year. This week I took the plunge and signed up for the Great South Run (GSR) - 10 miles.

Whilst contemplating all this I felt I wanted to try and raise money for cancer research. My dad passed away on 29th October 2007 after a short battle with cancer. So I set up a just giving page to cover all events so that I'm not asking repeatedly for sponsorship.  Again, whilst contemplating (I do this a lot) , I became aware that the GSR was 3 days before the anniversary of dad's passing and it felt even more significant that I stick to my guns and do this.

So far the events I have signed up for are:
Gosport Golden 5km and Golden mile
Race for life 5km
Wyvern 10k
Great South Run 10 miles

I do intend to try and update regularly so I can share my journey.

My sponsorship page is

Text donations can also be sent to 70070 by typing HHCR55 £5
HH being my initials, CR being cancer research and 55 is the age my dad died at. And you can can put any amount you want. £5 is an example.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I haven't blogged for a very long time, and was never very good at it anyway. So bear with me as I find my bearings with it.