Monday, 5 May 2014

What am I doing???!!!!!

In April of this year I was inspired to start running seriously by some friends. All previous efforts lasted no more than 3 weeks and I was bored. But something clicked inside me at the end of March and I felt that I really wanted to do running with a target to aim for.  I started with a couch to 5k app which to begin with I was motivated to do then the motivation dropped - again. And then as if by luck I found that someone I knew was a very experienced runner and was happy to take me out running. Since the 8th April I have been running at least twice a week, and recently increased it to 3 times by going to a parkrun- which took a lot of guts but really glad I did it.

Investing in proper running trainers has made running much more comfortable - and because they're expensive I also have to use them. Also a lovely leg massage has helped things too.

In terms of events I had already signed up for the Race for Life with the aim of running it (same mission every year and never achieved it!!). With encouragement from the facebook running group I'm on I signed up for the Wyvern 10km run. Just hoping it's not going to be the 29 degree temperature it was last year. This week I took the plunge and signed up for the Great South Run (GSR) - 10 miles.

Whilst contemplating all this I felt I wanted to try and raise money for cancer research. My dad passed away on 29th October 2007 after a short battle with cancer. So I set up a just giving page to cover all events so that I'm not asking repeatedly for sponsorship.  Again, whilst contemplating (I do this a lot) , I became aware that the GSR was 3 days before the anniversary of dad's passing and it felt even more significant that I stick to my guns and do this.

So far the events I have signed up for are:
Gosport Golden 5km and Golden mile
Race for life 5km
Wyvern 10k
Great South Run 10 miles

I do intend to try and update regularly so I can share my journey.

My sponsorship page is

Text donations can also be sent to 70070 by typing HHCR55 £5
HH being my initials, CR being cancer research and 55 is the age my dad died at. And you can can put any amount you want. £5 is an example.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I haven't blogged for a very long time, and was never very good at it anyway. So bear with me as I find my bearings with it.

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