Thursday, 15 May 2014

Beware the sock monster

If you read a few days ago, I had bought some compression socks for running. Having tested them out  a couple of times now this week I'm finding that my calves feel incredibly better and are not aching so much post-run, and in the mornings on waking.

There are a few articles as to whether compression socks are beneficial or not. The price range can vary from as little as a few pounds to nearly £50. It's a gamble as to whether to invest in them or not. I bought cheaper socks (karrimor) and so far am very happy with the change of feeling in my legs. The relief when wearing them is really quite breath taking.

This does then bring up the question of sports wear etiquette. I'll happily wear the socks under long running tights. I own a pair of Capri tights and I reckon I'll look just silly in knee high socks with the Capri tights. But I'm not brave enough to wear shorts.  Looks like I'll have to either bake in summer, or disregard what everyone else thinks - hard to do when you're self conscious about what you look like.

Just need to make sure the sock monster stays firmly locked away. 

So, did the socks improve my running? I felt I was able to keep running for longer as my calves weren't screaming out in agony - must remember to book another leg massage soon as well.

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