Tuesday, 13 May 2014

I'm sexy and I know it!!!

I feel like I have face planted the metaphorical brick wall today. No running spirit today. Instead, a trip into town, one coffee and chat, and return home with two pairs of compression socks for running. I have to confess they are not the most sexiest item of clothing that is available to man/woman, but boy I notice the difference within minutes!!! My calves had been aching so much but once I had wrestled the socks on,  they were feeling sooooo much better. So I must now try them out running. In my previous existence as a nurse, I had learnt the easiest way to get them on., so that meant I wasn't wrestling too much with the socks!!!!

My son came running with me last night. Well, he completely put me to shame by jogging the entire mile. But he's wanting to do race for life with me this year so I'll have some company.  Not long until the Gosport Golden races. Kids are doing 1 mile with myself and my husband,  and I'm also doing the 5km. Wonder if my son will join me for that too.

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