Sunday, 24 April 2016

Event 15 of #fortyb4forty

Two years ago there's no way I would have ever contemplated completing a half marathon. And today I did just that. It was ABP Southampton Half Marathon. Last year I had to defer my place and do the 10k instead due to an injury earlier in the year, so this year I was going to do it.

Yesterday, I felt amazing. I was looking forward to today. Last night nerves started kicking in. This morning I actually felt sick. My porridge pot wouldn't thicken up, we had no caffeinated teabags at home, and I ended up having to buy breakfast once we had arrived in Southampton. I had planned on wearing my Aftershokz head phones, and ended up forgetting to take them off charge, and leaving them at home. So it wasn't the best start to the day. Honestly, I was close to tears. 

I had a running buddy, Lisa, who was awesome in keeping going. It was tough. My legs really struggled and Burgess Road really was hard to get up. By the end my legs were so achey I struggled to keep them moving. But in my head, I was having an awesome time, and whilst I was glad to see the finish, I thoroughly enjoyed myself today.

Looking at my data, we completed the run in 2hrs, 48 mins and 27secs. Breaking it down it gave me an average pace of 12.52 minutes per mile. Soooooo happy with that. It was right on track with what I had been training at, despite going over itchen bridge and back again, and also going up Burgess Road, as well the slope in Southampton Common. I had to dig deep to keep moving through the common. 

When I saw the finish line, I had to say that I've done this, I've done a half marathon. A little tearful once over the line but soon got over that. 

I have some awesome friends who produced PBs and other amazing results. One friend actually found me on the course with her daughter and I was so pleased to see her. A big hug was then needed. 

Yesterday, I exceeded my halfway fundraising target for PSPA.  Soooo pleased. I still have just over £225 that I would love to raise to hit my target by the end of my challenge. To go beyond it would just be awesome. I seem to be using that word a lot today.  BECAUSE TODAY WAS AWESOME!!!! 

Before the race, the sun came out and generally stayed bright and sunny throughout the race.

The route went through St. Mary's Stadium, home of the Saints. Whilst I am not a football fan, it was awesome to run through it.

We did it!!!! So pleased to have completed it. 

The bling itself :-) 

Friday, 22 April 2016

2 days to go

Yes, it's two days until the biggest challenge of this #fortyb4forty so far for me. Mentally and physically it really is going to test me and I thank my lucky stars that I'm going to have a buddy. We're going to dance our way around and enjoy it. Training has not been as good but I know I can keep going. I'm nervous, of course I am. And I will be glad when it is done. But to finish it will be epic. Who knows what the next challenging thing for me to do with this challenge will be. 

Currently I am 81p short of £200. By twenty events (half way) I would love to have raised £250, which is half of my fundraising target. 

So, my next blog entry will be following the half marathon in Sunday. 

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Longest training run ever!!!!!!!!

Today I did my longest training distance ever - 12 miles. It was a mix of running and walking. And I have to say, my legs were hurting by the end. Unsurprisingly. But with two fabulous companions we soldiered around. It was a circular loop we did.

It's safe to say at the moment that I definitely do not want to enter another half marathon. And I have promised this to my husband - and he laughed. But I achieved something today. Some thing big for me. Apart from the fact I had to keep going as there was no other way of getting home!!!! But I am rightly proud of myself, and if I can get at least one more long run (longer than 3 miles) in before the event then I might be okay on the day.

Throughout the run, I wore my water pack, which I had never done before, I have to say, I really enjoyed wearing it. It didn't wear me down and it was great to take a sip as and when I needed it, and keep my hands free. I fuelled my run with shotblocks every hour, and I have to say that although my legs were really struggling, I didn't feel utterly wiped and reasonably mentally alert. I think I'll be doing that again at the half marathon. 

I did the run in about 2 hours 36mins. I'm not worrying about the time, I did it and I'm not out to get PBs because I have no intention of doing another half marathon.

So here's a chirpy photo taken before I started the run.