Sunday, 3 April 2016

Longest training run ever!!!!!!!!

Today I did my longest training distance ever - 12 miles. It was a mix of running and walking. And I have to say, my legs were hurting by the end. Unsurprisingly. But with two fabulous companions we soldiered around. It was a circular loop we did.

It's safe to say at the moment that I definitely do not want to enter another half marathon. And I have promised this to my husband - and he laughed. But I achieved something today. Some thing big for me. Apart from the fact I had to keep going as there was no other way of getting home!!!! But I am rightly proud of myself, and if I can get at least one more long run (longer than 3 miles) in before the event then I might be okay on the day.

Throughout the run, I wore my water pack, which I had never done before, I have to say, I really enjoyed wearing it. It didn't wear me down and it was great to take a sip as and when I needed it, and keep my hands free. I fuelled my run with shotblocks every hour, and I have to say that although my legs were really struggling, I didn't feel utterly wiped and reasonably mentally alert. I think I'll be doing that again at the half marathon. 

I did the run in about 2 hours 36mins. I'm not worrying about the time, I did it and I'm not out to get PBs because I have no intention of doing another half marathon.

So here's a chirpy photo taken before I started the run.

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