Saturday, 21 February 2015

Long Overdue update

Okay, so here we are nearly at the end of February and things haven't been going so well. My optimism for doing the ABP southampton half marathon was shattered three weeks ago when I had to pull out of the Ryde 10 mile race due to knee pain. I was able to get a next day appointment with a sports massage therapist I had previously been to.

So three weeks later with no running,  I am due to see him again soon with the hope of starting a running rehab programme. I wonder what response I'd get if I was to put on a facebook status that I was starting rehab........

Back to the half marathon. I was able to defer my place for 2016 so that I can build up distance again properly, and try and prevent a repeat of the injury. Instead I have been able to enter the 10km race instead as building up to that distance is achievable, so I can still take part on the day as a club member. I still have to cross Itchen Bridge over and back so I haven't got out of that!!!!

But how have things been, having taken time out to not run and allow healing to take place? Well, it was a very self pitying journey really. Lots of eating and feeling sorry for myself and not inclined to want to exercise at all which included cycling or swimming (which I could do), so in the meantime my fitness has taken a bit of a dive.

One thing I have had to battle for a very long time is going to new things by myself. Or even going to things that are familiar to me but I have no motivation to go. And often I have been beaten by the feeling that 'I just can't do it', or 'what do I do if something happens?'. The thought of doing something I know I can do has been completely overridden by low confidence. So last week I plucked up the courage to go to a lanes session at a local pool, and absolutely loved it!!! Now I'm chomping at the bit to want to go again, which is tomorrow morning, although I am not a morning person!!!

Now to tackle getting the bike out. Again, I want to, and I know I can, but worried about 'what if I get too out of breath and can't get home?' Or the bike has a puncture, or the chain falls off. Or the idiots on the road that have no respect for cyclists freak me out (BTW I am receiving treatment for depression so these feelings aren't unusual or requiring a need to seek professional help). Thankfully I have some friends who are amazing with offering support, and the occasional kick up the bum, as well as an amazing running club.

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