Saturday, 1 August 2015

Top gear

I had an interesting conversation this morning. When asked whether I had fallen back in love with running again, the conversation moved on to how much of a hassle it can be to get changed into running gear to even do a mile, and then get changed again when finished. Not an issue for the lads generally, but even  the hassle of finding and changing into a running bra for that time period made going out for a run feel even more hard to do. Even finding a matching pair of trusty running socks is painful at times. Seriously I have three socks all intended for the left foot. The sock monster has been let loose clearly!

But, this morning I was at parkrun again, and slightly bettered last week's time, I was very grateful for the lovely friend who kept me going this morning, and even when I walked a couple of times she didn't run off, even though I had said to her not to wait for me.

So has the love returned? It's getting there.

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