Monday, 16 May 2016

Event 18 of #fortyb4forty

Before any smart people notice yes, my last event I blogged about was number 15. That's because I have done two parkruns, in the company of my daughter since number 15.

So, yesterday I did the Moors Valley 10k run. It was lovely weather, if a little hot, which made it hard to run. Moors Valley Country Park is a beautiful location with lots of paths, although having to do two loops of one area was a little disheartening. The second loop was much better. 

So armed with the same running buddy as the Eastleigh 10k, we set off. The course was undulating, but not hilly. There is a difference!! The course was a mix of Tarmac and gravel paths. Ultimately we completed it, and came away with a medal. The event did start later than advertised, which made me a little antsy as I just wanted to get going, but eventually we were off.

Much to the amusement and bemusement of Becky, I got a few comments of 'Run Mummy Run' and she just couldn't figure out why to begin with. I was wearing this which still gave her no clues:
I then explained that the kit came from a running community group called 'Run Mummy Run' on Facebook. They also  have their own shop for clothing. I have to say that I love my socks. They have made running so much more comfortable. They were definitely worth investing in. The Skort was also from the same company, and sadly is being discontinued. But these items do define a community that has a common cause - running. Hence, the comments from complete strangers.

What I also did by wearing the Skort was to expose the unsuspecting public to my milk bottle legs. I have fully accepted that I don't tan as my skin is quite fair thanks to be being a redhead. But, it was going to be hot. Sadly though the shorts under the skirt did ride up and cause a little soreness, so I need to find some silicone tape stuff to sew on and hopefully prevent that happening again. Either that or find my body glide I had bought when I went open water swimming last year - once. 

So, the next event is next Sunday. Another half marathon. I had vowed to my husband that after Southampton Half Marathon I wouldn't do another half marathon. So I'm off to Wiltshire to do the Ox Half including some camping as well with some friends too. Because sleep is really going to happen!

must check the tent!!!! 

This week is also PSP awareness week. I really hope that through my challenge I can raise money for a cause that can help more families who struggle with the day to day of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. 

Only 22 more events to go before next February.

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