Thursday, 5 June 2014

Everything is awesome....

Wow, what a day. Went out with the lovely Charlotte today with the aim of covering 4 miles. Our route was unknown to both of us. We were both blind as bats without our glasses, we had to negotiate fallen trees and flooded pathways (even perilously doing good balance beam impression beside the river), and desperately trying not to get stung by the nettles. But it was a really good run. Poor charlotte's legs didn't come off well. Lesson learnt for next time.

BUT,  I ran (only stopping to negotiate said trees and puddles) all 4 miles. Awesome does not even come close to how wow I felt about that. I ran the whole way!!!!!!

I tried out my new flipbelt out as well today as a means of carrying personal belongings whilst running. Initially was aware of it but soon forgot all about it. It didn't constrict me in any way. It rode up onto my waist but still very comfortable. It didn't bounce around when running and sooooo comfy. Only had my phone and keys but my keys didn't rattle which is what normally happens when I put them in the pockets in my running tights. For a hollow tube with 4 openings it's brilliant.

So on Sunday it's race for life. With children in tow it'll be slower the way round but hoping it'll be consistent.

I found this on facebook so am unable to link an author but this sums things up:

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