Sunday, 15 June 2014


Parkrun is an organisation which arranges weekly free community based timed 5km runs.

I have now done 5 runs, and yesterday made it round all 5km without stopping to walk. I know that if I hadn't had friends running with me, I would have walked at some point. It was hot yesterday, and to tell the truth, I did push myself, but glad I did.

The atmosphere at these events is fab. Runners spur each other on, it's very relaxed. It's not a race against each other, which is just as well otherwise I'd be last every time. It's great doing with a group of friends too. For more information visit

There are junior park runs too, which are a shorter distance, but sadly not as many events in comparison to adult events.

Next Saturday is a women's 10k event in Saturday. My plan: to get round and enjoy it.

Sponsorship on my fundraising page is coming in - this page is remaining open all year due to doing more than one event. I was particularly touched by how much my colleagues sponsored me from work. I should get about £60 from my colleagues towards cancer research.

Getting out to run has been a struggle at times: too tired, too much to do, my arm hurts......yep, I can  bring on the excuses. But when I get out I'm glad. It's easier going further when running with a friend. By myself I don't have the mindset to push myself. Need to change that.

I have started training for the 10 mile run in October. No doubt I'll end up repeating runs and I have allowed time for that.

For those who are following my blog, I thank you. Do leave a comment about where you are reading it from. It's nice to know if people read it and from where in the world. I know international readers have found it.

Last Sunday I did Race for Life 5km, and I spent an enjoyable time walking around with my children. We all got our medals, and more importantly have raised money for cancer research.

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