Sunday, 7 February 2016

Event 10 of #fortyb4forty

What a cold, but gloriously sunny day for the Cancer Research Snowflake run this morning. It was a 10k race, and for the last week I have been quite poorly, so any idea of trying to train just did not happen.

The first three miles felt like forever!!!!! The second lap wasn't then so bad because I knew the landmarks to look out for. Just as well it wasn't a timed event or that I was out for a personal best. So it was a mix of running and walking the way around.

This morning was primarily about running in memory of those who have had cancer, and either survived, or sadly passed away. My Nan had had kidney cancer, and breast cancer, and survived both. But sadly the battle of having PSP proved too much for her body. So today I was able to remember her, as well as other loved ones, including my dad, who had been unable to fight the battle on their bodies. 

I got a hug with a polar bear. That was what I wanted to try and get. The medal was also on the cards too!! 

So, I've now reached 10 events, which means I am a quarter of the way through my challenge, and I am absolutely chuffed. 30 more events in the next 369 days. So to recap, to date I have done:
3 parkruns
1 cross country run
2 X 5 mile races
2 X 10k races
An 8 mile race
Great South Run - 10 miles

I have the Southampton half marathon in April, which will be an interesting experience. At this moment in time I have no desire to do a full marathon.

I've decided too that I need to invest in medal hangers to show off my efforts!!!

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