Sunday, 20 March 2016

Event 13 of #forty 4forty

Wow!!!! What a fantastic race I had this morning. It was the Eastleigh 10k. Last year I couldn't run this one due to injury, and this year I thought I was going to have to pull out having been hit by a viruses since the beginning of Febraury. Last week resulted in a case of antibiotics for an ear infection, and a poor run on Wednesday was making me doubt whether I would actually make it around today.

Well, I totally blew that out of the water. With a fabulous running buddy, I pretty much ran the entire course (except half the hill). I was so chuffed, I had to dig really deep during the last kilometre to find the umph to keep going, and then finish with a sprint. But I did it, and produced my best 10k time this year. Physically and mentally I felt amazing. I felt comfortable for most of the route. No breathing issues that I had previously struggled with and, once they had warmed up, my legs carried me around the course. We were, of course, supported by a great support team from the running club around the course.

5 weeks to Southampton half marathon....... Need to really knuckle down and get some decent training in.

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