Saturday, 25 June 2016

Half way

So today, I did my 20th event of #fortyb4forty. To recap I have done:
8 X 5km 
3 X 5 miles
4 X 10k
1x quarter-marathon
1 X 8 miles
1 X 10 miles
2 X half-marathon

I feel I should be more excited!!!! It's a downwards journey to counting down. 20 to go. Instead I am quietly contemplating the journey I have done so far - mentally and physically.

But it feels that the end is in sight. I will be honest, and at the moment, I will be glad when this challenge is finished. I'd love to beat my £500 fundraising target. I'm about £5 short of £300 which is amazing frankly.

I haven't entered any races recently and so far I have a 5k, a 10k and a 10 mile race already entered. So I'll need 17 more events............

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