Sunday, 10 July 2016

Event 22 of #fortyb4forty

So event 21 for the sharp-eyed among you was Race for Life last Sunday.

Event 22 - Wyvern 10k. This is on home ground for me.

The weather - initially wet, but stopped. Cloudy, humid, making a run quite hard to push through when you feel like your wrapped in a fluffy blanket in a sauna. My running has taken a nose dive and I was worried and set myself a target of 1hour 15 mins, even though to just finish would be my ultimate target.

It was hot and very humid going around. Even the breeze was warm, uncomfortable and unpleasant. Thankfully there was water at frequent points on the course. As this was an event run by Hedge End Running Club there were a lot of marshals who were members so the support was immense which made a huge difference to getting around. As a result there were many opportunities for my picture to be taken and I decided to have some fun with it. (Photo credit to Paul Hammond for pictures 2,3,4)

Ultimately I came away from the course with a 10k personal best this year, although not a course PB, but not to far off it. Official chip time was 1:13:13. So very happy with that (previous chip time in 2014 was 1:11:39).

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