Sunday, 4 September 2016

Event 27 of #fortyb4forty

Triathlon probably isn't the first thing you would expect me to come out with - unless you are following my page on Facebook, or on Twitter.

So, to update you. During my recent holiday, I saw that GoTri Hamble were hosting the final in a series of tri events: a triathlon. A 160m swim, 6km bike ride, and a 2 km run. I was interested, but it would be something where I was putting myself out of my comfort zone - cycling is the one thing I am less keen on for various reasons. But anyway, I entered. Last night, I was seriously doubting that decision. 

Let me take you back to May 2015. I was a member of Herc Tri, a fairly newly formed triathlon club. I had entered a local triathlon event hosted by Try Tri - the May Day Tri. This was a 200m swim, 6km bike ride and 2.5km run. I managed the swim really well. The cycling, however, was my nemesis, partly due to not having trained as much, and the hills that were part of the course were quite steep. My error completely, considering that I had done a recce ride. Nevertheless, after completing the course, I was put off triathlon until now, as I had really struggled physically and mentally to complete the cycling element. Then running 2.5km on jelly legs, which included short but sharp hills, was just too much.

So back to today. The bike ride was always going to be my difficult area to overcome. After being reassured that the route was relatively flat, I was feeling okay, but knew I would still struggle having done no recent bike training. The swim was easy. Sorry, but it was. But swimming is the sport I focused in as a child into my teens, and I guess as a result it comes more naturally to me. After having some mechanical issues with my bike sorted prior to starting the race, I was nervous, and to be honest, at one point I wasn't sure if I as going to be able to even race due to the mechanical issues. Anyway,  I was cleared. The actual ride was hard for me (lack of training) but it wasn't difficult, and no where near as inclined as I had ridden (or walked) up during the May Tri. But I got around, and was happy.  Had the jelly legs after dismounting, and there was no way I could run to the field for the final element. I think I would have collapsed. But I got around the field with a mix of running and walking. I had to dig deep to keep going. I was very aware of a group from running club who had stopped on their run, and was cheering people on (thanks girls, I loved that. Apologies for seemingly ignoring you. I wasn't, I was very focused by the end of the run). 

And I finished. Very happy with the fact I finished and I did enjoy doing it. 

Having done some analysis of times and distances at my events today, I have come to the conclusion I did a brilliant job and, despite lack of recent training ( last minute entry and I was on holiday!!) in the run up to the event, my times are right on track with what I had been training at, which is better than going slower than training!! Happy days 😄

Next weekend, I'm doing a 6 hour event where I run as many laps of a course as I can manage in that time. Again, something a little more challenging than just doing a set distance race. 

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