Thursday, 22 September 2016

Event 28 of #fortyb4forty

I'm a bit late with this. My apologies.

So, the Woodland Way was hard. The aim was, in 6 hours, to run as many laps as possible. 4 laps would equate to a half marathon. When I entered this was my aim. Being treated for sinusitis and probable bronchitis in the week prior really played havoc at the actual event, and I struggled on the second lap so I had to call it a day. I still wasn't fully recovered. Gutted but pleased that I actually got out there and actually gave it a go. I didn't achieve what I wanted to do, but it was such a relaxed event anyway. And I did enjoy it. Nice to see a few people from running club too. I apologise for lack of photos as well.

So now? Still not completely well, but am under medical care for that now. But I haven't been told to stop running.............bring on event 29 hopefully soon 

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