Saturday, 1 October 2016

Event 29 of #fortyb4forty

This run was very much a last minute event. As I was helping at the main Perform 5 mile event by handing out tshirts I was unable to take part. However, there was a 1 mile fun run afterwards, which was most likely aimed at children. Having persuaded my son to take part, I entered also. 

Now, I realise a mile isn't far. However, I could make it challenging by getting round as quickly as possible, and seeing how fast I could do one mile in. My son just raced off and finished comfortably ahead of me. I finished in under 10 minute, so was very pleased with that.

I recently received Hope the PSPA bear. I brought her along to the event, and my plan in the future is to take her along to the remaining events of the #fortyb4forty challenge.

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