Friday, 23 December 2016

Event 38 of #fortyb4forty

As with a lot of the races I have done, I do not plan far in advance. It's been known that on the morning I will enter a race. At least last night I had a few hours when my friend texted me to ask if I wanted to go for a run this morning. I still had some virtual runs to complete, having entered them. Again, I had entered a race where part of my entry fee went towards Girlguiding UK.

Two weeks ago saw me commiserating and feeling sorry for myself because my son had decided to pass his germs onto me. Well, those germs mutated into something that floored me for a good couple of days but has taken a lot longer to recover from. So last night when the message came through I thought I'd give it a go, and try and run 5km and earn the medal I had entered for.

The upshot is that I ran 3.6 miles (5.8km). Further than I intended to and, aside from stopping to cross the road safely, I ran the entire distance. My running buddy is awesome and very patient, despite training to run an ultra distance herself. I certainly wasn't quick, but for me, the fact that once again I ran 5km (and the rest) it feels like I'm finally reaching some consistency with my running, and instead of having a break from running, which was what I was planning on doing once the challenge is over, means I might actually keep going. 

I have felt increasingly disillusioned about the point of carrying on with running and, I guess I've been frustrated with the fact that for so long 5km seemed such a hard target to reach. It feels that for many of my running chums 5km is not as hard as it is for me. Hence struggling to keep going with the challenge because I have so woefully inadequate about myself.

But now it now feels that things are turning round and it seems that I could have a running buddy most Friday mornings which will help so much. And giving up running might not be happening.

As I have pretty much been raising money for one charity or another since May 2014, I'm not planning on setting a challenge for myself. I think I need to learn to enjoy the sport for myself, and reap the benefits (both physical and mental) without the pressure of hitting a deadline or target.

So here is a picture of my medal in its rightful place

I have two events left to do. It is entirely possible to finish on Christmas Day if I was to go to parkrun tomorrow and on Sunday (yes, there is a Christmas Day parkrun). I still also have two virtual medals to rightfully earn. Can I get myself up and sorted the next two mornings? I've been enjoying some decent lie-ins since the schools broke up for the holidays!!! 

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