Friday, 9 December 2016

Events 35, 36 and 37.

As I write this I am feeling quite sorry for myself, my son having passed on his germy germs onto me. However I have already done. 5k run today which I shall talk about later.

so, event 35: this was parkrun at Netley Abbey. This was on a new winter course and contained a few hills. It was cold and windy standing by the shore waiting to get going. However, after running the entire course I was not feeling as cold as I had been. And yes, I ran the entire course. The second time this year that I have run 5k without slowing to walk. I was feeling really pleased with myself. My time wasn't as quick as it has been previously but to run it all was definitely a major achievement.

Event 36: Boscombe 10k. As the name gives it away we were in the Bournemouth area. I was very close to pulling out right before the start of the race. I just didn't want to to do, to the point I was in tears. But after some encouragement from family I went to the start line. At one point in the race there was a long slow hill but despite this I was pleased as to how I ran the remainder of the course. 

Event 37: this event was slightly different. It was a virtual race organised by virtual No, this doesn't mean I run on the Internet. What it means is that I pay an entry fee, of which a percentage goes to a specified charity, I complete the distance in my own time in the dates specified, and once the race is completed in my own time and I have submitted my result, I receive a medal. That was my 5k this morning. I went with a friend and, again, ran the entire 5k distance that I set myself. The charity that was being supported was Girlguiding UK. I have three more medals to run for, again for the same charity throughout December. I definitely had endorphins going around my brain today. It was a good feeling. On this occasion, the medal had been sent out prior to the event due to Christmas post, so I captured a photo today:

So 3 events left. 

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