Thursday, 19 November 2015


Tonight was a training run with running club.

I had put myself forward to lead a 5k slow run in case any beginners wanted to join in, no one took me up on this. So I joined the 5 mile group instead. Now, I had no intention of doing further than 3 miles tonight, having just had some rest time after hurting my knee at the end of last month.

Suffice to say, I ran about 4-4.5 miles of the 5 miles (I can't run it all just yet). No knee pain, which clearly I had been concerned about.

And I think I'm changing allegiances with my running watches. Earlier in the year I had purchased a Tomtom multi sport watch which meant I could swim, bike and run wearing it. It does what I want it to do.. I'm loving it particularly more as it's much slimmer and less bulky than my Garmin 610 (even the FR 10), and much more comfortable le to wear.

Overall I was really happy with tonight. I would have preferred to have stayed under my blanket I am currently crocheting, but as I said I would lead a group I had to go really. Admittedly, at one point during the run I nearly contemplated turning back. I didn't think I would be able to do all 5 miles. But as I had reached mile 2 by this point, I thought that I might as well keep going!!! 

I'm still battling negative thoughts of low confidence and it takes a lot to actually put myself in a group where I definitely feel that I am not as up to speed as the other runners. Hence, why I have avoided this in the past. But if I want to run the Southampton Half marathon next April then I need to get the legwork going and perhaps have a little more confidence in myself.

As a result of having a couple weeks rest, this has impacted on my #fortyb4forty challenge slightly, but not horrendously so. Hopefully I can catch up with some parkruns very soon.

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