Sunday, 6 December 2015

Event 6/40 #fortyb4forty

So, after my little blurt out this morning, I completely exceeded all my expectations.
1. I ran the entire distance of 5 miles
2. My average pace came in less than 12 min/mile
3. I completed it less than an hour.

I'm really chuffed. Am waiting for the official time, but still very happy.

It was very windy. At different points on the course I was hit by the wind in different directions. It made my run easier when it buffeted me along along the path. But it didn't rain. Nor was it particularly cold I thought. 

I know that I don't need to get myself so wound up pre-race as much as I do. I think today I felt that I just didn't have the miles in my legs to run 5 miles in one go. Clearly having company on the run made a huge difference as well, and I am very grateful for my team members.

I will acknowledge that the feelings I get are very real but I was able to beat them today.

I am pleased I did go. 

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