Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Round up 2015

I have a habit of being very critical of myself,particularly when things haven't gone as well as I would have liked. It's unlikely that I am the only person to do this to themselves.

However, I have come through 2015 with some by nice medals and achievements which I know I should be very proud of considering I wasn't running for 5 weeks over the winter due to injury, and the. Struggling with anxiety and depression, which impacted hugely on my motivation to run, and as a result had most of the summer of no running.

So in 2015 I managed to complete:
Stubbington 10k
ABP Southampton 10k
Tri Try Winchester triathlon
Perform 5 mile
Great South Run 10miles
Victory 5 mile
Pirate 8mile
Great Run family run at the Olympic Stadium.

In addition to these I did some virtual runs raising money for other charities during the year too. 

So all in all I've had a pretty good year considering. What about next year? I have some races lined up already, including a half marathon in April. I still have 34 events to do for my #fortyb4forty challenge, which will include parkruns as they are timed events, and there is scope to improve on my 5k time as the year progresses, as well as hopefully completing 50 parkruns (big milestone). I might do a triathlon later in the year, we will see. But for the meantime, I am feeling fairly optimistic that next year will be a good year again.  

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