Saturday, 19 December 2015


If you run at events, one might have noticed all the marshals and event organisers who are standing at various strategic points encouraging and directing runners in th right direction (there is the odd occasion where marshals have gone missing - who knows where!!!!). 

This morning, instead of running at Parkrun I decided to volunteer after responding to a plea for volunteers. Now, I do still have my #fortyb4forty challenge in mind and this puts me behind another week. However, ther is such a fab feeling of saying well done to runners when they come in, and giving instead of always receiving.

Parkrun is completely dependent on volunteers to go ahead, and it's an hour of my time to give to runners who have also given up their time and volunteered in the past. It's also great to scan in friends barcodes and congratulate them. 

So maybe next week I'll find a parkrun.

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