Friday, 8 January 2016

Busy training

My event calendar for the #fortyb4forty challenge is filling up. So far I have entered:
*5 X 10k races
*1 quarter marathon
*Great South Run (10 miles)
*southampton half marathon
*1 duathlon

And I still have 5 months that are event free. I'm not planning on completely filling them up with parkruns. I hope to complete a GoTri series that is being held locally (2 duathlon, 2 triathlon and 1 aquathlon). As my Nan was a swimmer, it would be something to put my own swimming into something that will mean something to me, and remind me why I am doing this challenge.

I have also been trying to exercise daily, although one day was nearly all about housework, and one day I did not exercise at all. But the exercise bike has been dusted off, and days where I'm not running, I've been cycling just 10 minutes at a time at the moment but hopefully next week I plan to increase my time on the bike. 

So, no event now until 17th January when it's a 10k race as a club member. I did this race last year and actually quite enjoyed it. I won't get a course PB, but I'm out to get around and complete it. 

32 events left to complete the challenge. Nearly a quarter of the way complete. Should I celebrate it in some way? 

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