Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Raising awareness

Oh my goodness. I feel incredibly awed seeing my picture 'in print' with the article about my #fortyb4forty challenge in the latest PSPA Matters magazine (page 14).  It's weird. Even though I remember talking to the lovely lady from PSPA about my challenge, actually seeing the article, that thousands of people can have access to, is slightly overwhelming.

This Sunday is event no. 9, a 10k club race which I did last year so I know the course, and whilst I'm not optimistic that I'll be running with a another person, which is always motivating to keep going, I have the main motivation that I'm doing this to try and raise money for a charity, as well as challenging myself to push myself out of my comfort zone, of preferring to take it easy (apologies for the long sentence. Bad English I know!!).

On the 5th January, it was the first anniversary of Nan's passing away, which whilst somber, there was a relief that she was no longer being tormented by the illness. Symptom management by medication can only go so far in relieving the physical side of things, but the mental anguish but be awful.

So the journey continues, with not just running, but triathlon events too, just to mix things up. Having done a triathlon last year, and not enjoying it particularly, getting back into it this year by doing some smaller distance events that are being held locally, will hopefully build my confidence up again, particularly with cycling. My personal current challenge of exercising daily has included dusting off the exercise bike. I'm also swimming with the tri club that I belong to, so I'm getting a good cross section of exercise now, particularly if he weather is poor, or my motivation to go out is non-existent. My children want to go swimming each week too, which involves swimming up and down to prevent my daughter from sinking when she tries to swim lengths,  means that whilst it's not strenuous exercise, it's moving my body and I'm having fun.

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