Sunday, 17 January 2016

Event 9 of #fortyb4forty

So another morning dawned on a race day. Had my usual brekkie of porridge with golden syrup (never sugar though!!). By 8am I was on my way to the race venue.

It was cold. Normally I don't wear a long sleeve top when running, but I was eternally grateful for it this morning. It was about 3 degrees Celsius with a chilly wind. Add in the gloves, and the ear warmer I was reasonably snug for a short while.

It wasn't long before I discarded the gloves and shoved them up my sleeves like tissues. I had no where else to put them!! But, as I said already, I was very grateful for the long sleeve top.

I struggled today. It was a definite run/walk today for me. I had some very lovely company for a lot of the course, which made a difference. My overall time for the event 1:14:42. Definitely slower than last year, but I'm not going to worry about that. I got around. Two weeks until the next 10k event I'm doing. Good training for the half marathon in April, which I believe is now less than 100 days away. Yeah, daunting thought. 

This week it has crossed my mind that whatever the short term discomforts I go through when I run, people with PSP have to live with constant symptoms from which they, if fortunate, may get temporary relief using medications. But the ongoing management can be by disressing.

So here's to the next two weeks of training. 

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