Friday, 23 October 2015

2 days to go

On Sunday, if you didn't know, it's the Great South Run. About 25,000 runners take part on a 10 mile course around Portsmouth and Southsea. It's very flat - I can definitely testify to that having run it last year. It's also event 5/40 in my #fortyb4forty challenge.

So how am I feeling this year about it? Probably pretty much the same as I felt last year about it. Nervous, excited, worried about finishing, am I going to get there on time, where are the water stations? All those kind of questions. 

So my plan? To run/walk the course, staying comfortable so that I enjoy it. There is no pressure to time. I vaguely know the distance the drink stations are located at so my mindset is to make it to each drinks station, then to the next etc until the finish.

I'm desperate to try and use this large event as a big fundraiser for the charity I am raising money for. I have raised 26% of my target amount, so far, so it's good. And I'm aware I will still have 35 events to go after this one. But to raise more than my target amount would just be really awesome.

I have music to listen to going round. I love my aftershokz bone conduction headphones. They are really comfortable and I still have a reasonable awareness of what's going on around me when I'm wearing them.

So there we are. Big event coming up, and loads of running club members either running or helping win marshalling.

I have permission from the owner of this inspirational quote to post this on my blog. It's from 'May the thoughts be with you', from the Facebook page. 

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