Sunday, 25 October 2015

Event 5/40 #fortyb4forty

So, what an amazing time I had in the end at Great South Run. After initial anxiety and panic about doing it, once I was moving it was much much better. I didn't have any anxiety symptoms on approaching the finish either. That made all the difference.

I ran/walked as I planned to do. I stayed comfortable and got around. No personal best, but I'm still really happy that I finished it, and have since gained more sponsorship for my fundraising.

I did struggle with a painful knee, and a sore foot - of course it was different legs!! I wasn't quite sure which leg to hobble with!! The foot has now recovered, but the knee hasn't so much. I think I'll be getting it checked out soon.

The weather was lovely. A balmy 16 degree Celsius. If I heard right, the race organisers were implementing the warm weather plan, which is unheard of in October!!!

I'm really happy with what I did today. It was fab seeing club members running today, and the cheerleading team at the end. I have definitely come away a happy hedgie. Thanks Jim for this photo!! 

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