Sunday, 11 October 2015

Event 4/40 #fortyb4forty

This morning was the first race of the Southern Cross Country League (SXCL) at Pamber Heath. The course was just over 5 miles, over a field, through woods, along footpaths and a couple of hills along the way. The weather was lovely for running.

I think today, it's fair to say, I will be looking at how events prior to and during a race can affect both mental and physical performance for me.  

Having coeliac disease means I have to have a completely gluten free diet, and this also comes down to the preparation of the food. Eating foods which are contaminated with gluten do affect me both physically and mentally. Sickness is the usual quick symptoms of gluten consumption now. So yesterday afternoon, I ate a cake that I bought,which stated it was gluten free. Sadly, I found out it actually wasn't. As a result, it meant that I didn't eat a decent meal yesterday, and therefore didn't fuel my body adequately prior to a race. I did have breakfast today but clearly it wasn't enough. The mental aspect of gluten consumption are the overwhelming emotions that literally engulf me. I probably cried for most of the race. Had it not been for Lisa, I would have turned back fairly soon after starting the race. She kept me going, and at the end, seeing Jenna and Emma come back and run in with us, really showed how much the running club places support to others. So the thing to take away from this: only eat foods prior to a race that I know I can trust.

Add to the issues of Mother Nature paying a visit too. Enough said.

But I did it. I have another 5 miles in my legs. In two weeks it's the Great South Run. So, taking all the above into consideration, I could have a really good race. 

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