Friday, 30 October 2015

Decisions, decisions.......

Why is making a decision so hard to do?

In 6 months time it's the Winchester Triathlon. This year I did the novice race. The swim was no problem, the cycle I really struggled with (admittedly no where near as much training done as I should have done), and then a 2.5km run, which initially I may as well have had spaghetti for legs. I was exhausted!!!!

I have friends who believe that the sprint distance is well within achievable reach. Now admittedly I hated the hills on the cycle route on that occasion. I also am doing the Southampton Half marathon 8 days before Winchester Tri. Is both achievable without worrying about having a PB to worry about?

I would really have to focus on all three disciplines over the next 6 months, particularly the cycling and running. The swimming, whilst equally important, I feel is the most achievable discipline for me.

What are my worries? Struggling with low motivation and low mood predominantly over the next few months. I really need to sit down and write all the pros and cons to entering this event - factual ones, rather than perceived pros and cons, and the what-ifs. 

Let's not also forget that whilst I have plenty of options for my #fortyb4forty challenge, it would be nice to have a little variety.

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